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900 Sec After School (Part Two)

900 Sec After School (Part Two)

900-Byō no Hōkago (Kōhen)
Air Date July 16, 2011
Episode 2
Opening Song Once
Ending Song Empty World
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900 Sec After School (Part Two) is the second episode of the Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi anime. It first aired on July 16, 2011.

As Hinata overpowers everyone, Taito, only has one last life to live and with his final attack he is able to evaporate Hinata in an all out attack which consumed his body. Hinata is able to escape by energizing himself into an orb energy ball but Gekkou uses the spider web wall to bounce off of it and successfully slices the energy ball of the remaining Hinata's essence in half. After successfully vanquishing Hinata, they all gather around the remaining upper torse body part of Taito and part of his chest as Taito wishes them all a goodbye since he used up all his lives. As everything fades, assuming he has died for good due to his last use of life, Taito wakes up in school.... again.

This time, now Himea wanders into class as a new exchange student that is happy to see him again. It is uncertain if he really did die for good or is this all a dream.