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Kurosu Philier Yuuchi
Name Kurosu Philier Yuuchi
Kanji 黒守・フィリエル・優一
Romanji Kurosu Firieru Yuuichi
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Agent
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Unknown
Japanese Voice Unknown

Kurosu Philier Yuuchi was the 7th student council president of Miyasaka High. He is currently an agent of the Military. Usually dressed in a suit with a yellow tie and wears gloves to cover the magical rune markings on his hands. He is a formidable opponent who is sent to supervise, build up the current student council, and keep them in check. He appears to have some ulterior motive.

He shares similarities with Cross Marian.


Kurosu in the anime



His background and childhood are unknown (he is not human as noted in episode 6,7,8)


Powers & Abilities[]

Extremely powerful, he has strong physical combat abilities and even magic. With only a finger, he could stop Taito's and Gekkou's attacks and can even dodge Gekkou's Spell Error without seeing it clearly. With just a simple lift and throw of Taito and Gekkou, he can kill Taito and severely injure Gekkou. He also have the ability to control magic and spells, as seen when Himea is about to use a spell, he cancels it before it activates, and he could cast magic to defend himself.


Gekkou Kurenai[]

As a former class president, he has some respect for him even though he is still weak. He oftenly tease him for amusement.

Taito Kurogane[]

Even though he views him as a weakling, he is impress with his drive to protect Himea and is willing to help to become stronger.



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