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Vishob Eleranka (Nyankichi)
Name Vishob Eleranka (Nyankichi)
Kanji ヴィショウブ・エレランカ (ニャン吉)
Romanji Vishoubu Ereranka (Nyankichi)
Race Unknown
Birthday unknown
Age unknown
Gender Male
Height short
Weight light
Eyes red
Hair white-grey
Unusual Features two tails
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Familiar
Previous Occupation Jailed murderer
Team Good guys
Partner Taito
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Alias Nyankichi
First Appearance
Manga Debut Unknown
Anime Debut Episode 7
Japanese Voice Unknown

Nyankichi is the familiar of Taito from another dimension. His former name is Vishoub Eleranka (ヴィショウブ・エレランカ Vishoubu Ereranka).

Taito got to him through a fragment of the fountain of knowledge acquired from Edeluka. In exchange of Taito's blood daily, he grants Taito with two powers.


In the anime, Nyankichi has white-grey fur and red eyes. Under his left eye he has a black tattoo and his right ear has two golden hoop earings. Nyankichi also has two tails.

In the novel, it is said that Nyankichi has black fur.


As a familiar, he has no special personality to speak, but tries to help his master as best as he can, within the bounds of their contract. He always finishes his sentences with 'Ni', and when excited, he will end with 'Nya' instead.


Nyankichi's original name was Vishob Eleranka. His previous master Fehnol (フェーノル), whom he called a dunce, was captured by the << Church >>.


Debuts in volume 4. Through Himea's portal, and from the fountain of knowledge acquired from the Mistress of Edeluca, Taito got to Nyankichi and made a contract with him.

In exchange for 3 liters of blood daily from Taito (which will effectively kill him once), Nyankichi will be able to grant two powers to Taito. The first is known as and invoked by saying 'Iyz'. When that happens, Nyankichi will sit on Taito's head and grant Taito with a form of ultravision that will allow him to see into any kind of darkness, including those induced by magic. The second power is called 'Ska'rz', which Nyankichi termed it to be "The Deep Curse of a Cat". Ska'rz is actually a curse power that can be used to dispel curses, barriers, seals, etc. Taito first used it against the Entolio brothers to save Himea. After the events in volume 6, where Taito received enough of Himea's specially crafted Poison (Black Magic) to suppress the Dark Rabbit, 'Ska'rz' was also used to prevent the Dark Rabbit from running amok whenever Taito activates 'Dark Rabbit mode'. Because of the increased demand on Nyankichi, the contract was adjusted to give him 5 liters of blood daily instead.

Powers & Abilities[]

Iyz - allows contractor to see through all forms of darkness.

Ska'rz - dispels / curses any form of curses, barriers, seals; also used to suppress the Dark Rabbit's will.


Familiar of Taito.

It is implied that he has a huge crush on Himea, considering he is seen blushing and is always nice to her when speaking to her.


When Nyankichi is not active, he normally resides in Taito's soul.