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Liene Altmann
Rihne Pic LN.jpg
Name Liene Altmann
Kanji 璃依音・アルトマン
Romanji Rīne Arutoman
Race German
Age 16
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Silver
Professional Status
Affiliation Temperon Crowely
Occupation Witch
Partner Pelty
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Itsuka Tenma wo Kiru Majo Hakusen
Japanese Voice TBA

Rii Ne (璃依音 Rīne) is a young German girl of the Temperon Crowely group. She has silver hair tied up into twin tails, and is skilled in the Japanese sword and flame magic. She appears to have some ties to Gekkou.


Silver hair tied up into twin tails and dark blue eyes.


She is aloof, proud and have Tsundere qualities.


Liene is a talented first class witch of the Temperon Crowley. At the young age of 14, together with Chiya and Klara, her first real friends, she took the first class witch exam, which involved making a contract with a demon.

Apparently, she has also confessed to Gekkou in the past but was rejected.


In the main story of Itsuten volume 7, Liene, while leading a group of witches and an army from Temperon Crowley, was sent to Japan to verify the rumor that the << Military >> had collapsed. Unknown to her, the rumor was released by Gekkou to use Temperon Crowley to shield them from the other organizations. Engaging in a battle with Gekkou and Taito, she threatened to destroy Miyasaka City as well as the whole of Japan with 20 combat helicopters armed with magical missiles that would release 20 god-class beings known as the Gedgard (Ancient Dragon). Gekkou saw through her threat however, and thereafter Liene told him to get ready to handover the << Holy Ground >> of Miyasaka High in 20 days time or be ready for an all out battle, while all this time, ignorant of the fact that the Prophecy deadline for the world had moved back to its original 28 days deadline from that point, as opposed to the 6 years deadline Temperon Crowley had thought.

Following that, she and her witches infiltrated Miyasaka High to ascertain that the << Military >> had indeed collapsed. She was tricked by Izumi and subsequently repelled by Himea.

In the latest installation of the story, the Temperon Crowley had set up a base nearby, waiting for the showdown in 20 days' time.

Powers & Abilities[]

She is trained in flame magic, skilled in the Japanese sword, and has a demon aide by the name of Pelty.


She is in love with Gekkou.