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Serge Entolio
Name Serge Entolio
Kanji セルジュ・エントリオ
Romanji Seruju Entorio
Race Half-Elf
Gender Male
Eyes Deep Blue
Hair Golden
Professional Status
Affiliation Miyasaka High Student Council Executive Member
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Spell Breaker
Team Miyasaka High Student Council
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Ela of the East, Hasga Entolio
First Appearance

A powerful half-elf spell breaker from the world of elves. His power is oriented towards seals and barrier construction. Serge has golden hair and deep blue eyes and possesses a friendly disposition. The desire to save their mother from the wounds and damages incurred from the Church's experiments prompted him and Hasga to join Gekkou's student council in the human world, after they have helped rescue their mother, Ela of the East.


Like his brother, Hasga, they are half-elves, therefore having a line (maybe an eye) on his forehead. He has golden hair and deep blue eyes, wearing a vest and torn pants like Hasga.


A carefree and friendly guy and a contrast to his brother, he is always shown to be calm and collected, always a smile at his face. Due to the Church's attitude towards the brothers, Serge tends to stop Hasga from over-reacting.


It was shown that he and his brother had planned to use Haruka's other side to save their mother.


Powers & Abilities[]

As a Spell Breaker, Serge removes and seals multiple curses and spells for a living.