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Taito Kurogane
Name Taito Kurogane
Kanji 鉄 大兎
Romanji Kurogane Taito
Race Human (Before Being bitten by Saitohimea)
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Blue
Unusual Features Immortality
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Student, Student Council
Partner Saitohimea (lover)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Yuika Kurogane (sister)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Voice Shinnosuke Tachibana

Taito Kurogane is a 16-year old freshman of Miyasaka High, the main protagonist of the story.


Taito has blue hair and red eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform with the student council armband on his left arm in the manga


Taito is nice, naive, and strong-willed who always fight to protect his childhood lover, Himea slightly childish.


Kurogane Taito used to excel in karate when he was young, but later on he had to give it up due to a leg injury. Since then, he had believed himself to be a regular, ordinary guy. However, his memories of an event nine years ago were sealed, during which he had made a contract with the beautiful Saitohimea and acquired an extraordinary ability which grants him a conditional form of immortality if he dies 7 times in the span of 15 min he will die for good.


At the start of the story, he manages to regain those memories after a certain incident and goes on to reunite with Saitohimea. He later acquires further powers and swears to protect Saitohimea from the Tenma (天魔). While Tenma is normally translated as evil spirit or demon, in the story, it is a special existence different from the conventional evil spirit an to be frank quite the jackass.

Powers & Abilities[]

Blue fire that engulfs his arm will kill him, in other words he uses up one life every time he uses said fire


Taito will die if he is mortally wounded 7 times in the span of 15 minutes. He got this ability when he made a contract with Saitohimea.

Dark Rabbit Mode[]

He has another ability called Dark Rabbit mode, which he basically rejects the existences and erases those words, thus sending a thing into oblivion. However like CE said, it seems like he cannot alter the course of the prophecy. The prophecy seems to be made up of layers, and in his Dark Rabbit mode, Taito can download the prophecy into his brain, but each time his brain fills up, it will experience a meltdown and he will lose a life.



Himea and Taito

Taito met Saitohimea when he was young. After reuniting with her after 9 years, he promised to always protect her and never leave her alone again. He truly loves Saitohimea even though he doesn't say it often.

Gekkou Kurenai[]

He and Gekkou have a brother relationship. Sibling rivalry for example. They are shown to be very competitive, like in the twelfth episode in which they compete to see who would get out of the bath last.


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